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Help a Sick Child Reach Life-Changing Medical Care with Children's Flight of Hope and Vector AeroMedical

When life-changing treatment is available to help a sick child nothing should stop them from reaching it. Unfortunately for many families, the specialized medical care their child needs is located far from home, and the cost and logistics of air travel keep treatment out of reach.

YOU CAN HELP THESE FAMILIES by joining Vector AeroMedical by Causey Aviation in supporting Children's Flight of Hope, a North Carolina-based nonprofit that provides free air transportation for children to access specialized medical care.

Donate to Children's Flight of Hope to provide a flight for a child to access treatment and give HOPE to a family when they need it most. Vector AeroMedical understands the difference air travel can make for children who are unable to travel any other way, that difference can be lifesaving.

During the month of August, Vector AeroMedical is matching every donation; so donate today to double the impact of your gift.  Children's Flight of Hope has assisted over 500 children so far in 2017 with an average cost per mission of just a little over $300, but funding has not been sufficient to help every child in need.  Please consider a gift of HOPE to just one child and family this month!


 Children's Flight of Hope has provided thousands of flights for children to reach specialized medical treatments, advanced surgeries, and groundbreaking trials. As an independently funded 501(c)(3) organization, Children's Flight of Hope would not be able to support the hundreds of families that depend on their services without donors like YOU and our aviation partners like Causey Aviation and Vector AeroMedical.

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Click here to learn about the many children that Children's Flight of Hope helps and read their stories of hope.


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