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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Causey Aviation maintains an absolute commitment to safety involving all personnel at every level of the organization. Every flight requires a formal Flight Risk Assessment that quantifies and measures risk factors associated with that particular flight. Risks above a conservative threshold must be reviewed by the Chief Pilot or Director of Flight Operations and mitigated prior to departure. If the risks cannot be mitigated the flight must be rescheduled or diverted to an alternate destination. Our Safety Management System ensures that potentially hazardous conditions are investigated and resolved before they become a threat to safety. Our Captains are highly trained and experienced pilots with sound judgment and an attention to detail.

Top One Percent of Charter Operators

Causey Aviation has earned a Gold Plus Rating from ARGUS International, the worldwide leader in aviation safety audits. The Gold Plus Rating and IS-BAO Stage 3 Registration puts Causey Aviation in the top 1% of all charter providers nationwide.

Jet Charter Assoc Causey is Bao

IS-BAO Stage 3 Registered

IS-BAO is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations and is the equivalent of ISO 9001 for flight departments. Operators must pass a rigorous third-party audit prior to receiving IS-BAO Registration. Implementation of the IS-BAO standard is difficult. It requires the development of programs, systems, processes and procedures to meet safety and security standards. These organizational, maintenance, operational, training and security requirements are based on the ISO 9000 family of quality assurance standards and industry best practices. The foundation of IS-BAO is the development of a Safety Management System to assess and mitigate risks encountered in flight operations. Validation of the entire process is completed by an independent audit. IS-BAO organizations must foster a culture of excellence that strives for continuous improvement.

Third party IS-BAO audits concentrate on SMS development through a gradual process of advancing maturity:

Stage One confirms that the SMS infrastructure is established and that safety management activities are appropriately targeted. All supporting standards have been established.

Stage Two ensures that safety management activities are appropriately targeted and that safety risks are being effectively managed.

Stage Three verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into the operator’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained.

B. Winfield Causey, Jr., President of Causey Aviation, said “IS-BAO is THE international standard for business aircraft operations, and we are very proud that both our flight and maintenance departments were able to meet this difficult standard. We value our clients and team members enough to want to be the best at everything we do and to meet the highest safety standards. We think our clients will be confident knowing that they can trust the safety of their colleagues and family to a company willing to submit to a third-party audit of our entire operation. Today an increasing number of corporations and discriminating individuals will only fly with IS-BAO Registered companies.”

Training and Check Rides

All Causey Aviation pilots receive extensive training covering Systems, Standard Operating Procedures, Regulations, Weather, Safety, Crew Resource Management (Teamwork), Fatigue, Situational Awareness, Hazardous Materials, and much more. All pilots undergo regular safety and performance checks in full motion simulators and in the aircraft they fly. All pilots are mentored by our Chief Pilot and Check Airmen. All pilots, mechanics and others in safety sensitive positions are subject to initial and random drug and alcohol screening.