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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Causey Aviation maintains an absolute commitment to safety involving all personnel at every level of the organization. Every flight requires a formal Flight Risk Assessment that quantifies and measures risk factors associated with that particular flight. Risks above a conservative threshold must be reviewed by the Chief Pilot or Director of Flight Operations and mitigated prior to departure. If the risks cannot be mitigated the flight must be rescheduled or diverted to an alternate destination. Our Safety Management System ensures that potentially hazardous conditions are investigated and resolved before they become a threat to safety. Our Captains are highly trained and experienced pilots with sound judgment and an attention to detail.


Training and Check Rides

All Causey Aviation pilots receive extensive training covering Systems, Standard Operating Procedures, Regulations, Weather, Safety, Crew Resource Management (Teamwork), Fatigue, Situational Awareness, Hazardous Materials, and much more. All pilots undergo regular safety and performance checks in full motion simulators and in the aircraft they fly. All pilots are mentored by our Chief Pilot and Check Airmen. All pilots, mechanics and others in safety sensitive positions are subject to initial and random drug and alcohol screening.